Growing Up (Is It Fun or Does it Suck?)

I was watching TV the other day and I realized that all those “grown up” commercials are starting to catch up with me. Be it Phone plans or Insurance (Flo being my favorite), Credit cards etc. All that looks interesting and it seems exciting but at the same time very scary.
As I grew up I didn’t really care nor understand all these aspects of life and now they are all rushing towards me introducing themselves. As a college student I know I still have a long way to go, but I still have monthly bills which I didn’t have to worry about before. Now I can’t just spend money because I have it because at the end of the month I have a phone bill, Adobe creative bill etc. that I have to worry about. So to my main question, “Is this fun or does it suck?”
As a teenager I always fancied being independent until the second time I had to pay my phone bill (I was 19 at the time) and I was broke. That’s when it hit me, “BOY YOU GOT TO WAKE UP” and for the rest of the month I kept beating myself up for how much growing up sucks. My parents would have been dealing with these small bills but now I have deal with them. Being an optimist I had to find a positive aspect of all these.

Finance Management

Finance Management

One day I just walked to a Wells Fargo bank in my small haven of Jacksonville, AL. I had decided to open a bank account and take responsibility for my finances instead of complaining. It was not really an important thing to do back in Kenya but I had realized I was in a different and more advanced society I had to make some changes.
Where it all got confusing to me was when all this talk about building credit begun. I’m a college student how do I do that? Every huge co-operation seems to be trying their hand in credit cards etc. So you can imagine my confusion considering the fact that I was new in the states so all this credit talk was messing with my head. When something is mentioned and discussed so often then it’s obvious it’s important, so it hit me I got to start building this so called “credit”.


Money will make you or break you, It all depends on you.

That is the next step, building credit! I believe it’s an important factor and many people my age should start thinking about it. There is no way growing up will be enjoyable if you are not financially stable and responsible. Keep tabs on your accounts and don’t take it lightly because finances can either MAKE you or BREAK you, the ball is always on your court so YOUR CHOICE!

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The Kenyan national Anthem says, “May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty” And these are three values that have been ignored by many in the society. It is sad when I watch from thousands of miles away from home how my Kenyan brothers of Somali descent are being treated. Over the past week or so I have sat in my room and thought about the things that are happening to the country that I proudly call my Homeland.

Let me update you, due to the recent terrorism problems that my country has been facing, the country’s security department
looks, is something that should not have been allowed. Don’t get me wrong though, because my main problem is not with the police but all those who victimize Kenyans of the Somali descent. In fact I think instead of referring to them as such I should just  say Kenyans.

Think about like this, imagine you are walking downtown and everyone keeps looking at you like you are some danger to them yet you have never even been successful in catching a fly. I read an article earlier in the week by a young man  (my age) named Osman who gave an example of his friend going to a restaurant to watch a soccer game only to be asked for an Identification card by the waitress to prove that he is Kenyan. First of all she has no right to do that, secondly is that really Liberty as stated in the National Anthem? Can’t someone just sit peacefully in a restaurant and watch a game of European Soccer without being victimized?

This is not only happening to only one group of people but it is happening to many Kenyans from different places and of different economic and social class.Be it due to security reasons or any other social issue that Kenya aces that is generalized and falsely put to describe a certain tribe or community of people.

For the country to move forward we cannot keep judging people based on their appearance because at the end of the day it is the nation that loses. Let the nation stand up as one and look at each other as Kenyans and live in  harmony. Unity is one value that makes a nation move forward. Please get this straight, even after dealing with the external threat of terrorism and insecurity (Which I know we will), it will be no use if Kenya is not a united nation with people who love one another. Because if there is no love and togetherness there cannot be peace.

Again I echo the words of the National Anthem ” May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty”s

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Travelling on the Crescent

I arrive at the Atlanta Peachtree Train Station at 6:30 Pm thank God spring is setting in so the sun is still up. Its 67 degrees out so its pretty warm as compared to earlier days. Being the first time I’m Travelling on a train I am not sure what I should be doing but I hace about an hour to boarding time so I am not worried….”I’ll figure this out”. 
Being a light traveller,  I only have to bags on me; a backpack and camera bag. It’s the beginning of Spring break so you can imagine my excitement.  I am really not sure what to expect but I’m hoping I enjoy this trip.


The train I am to board

At this point I’m an hour away from Charlotte and the trip has been awesome.  As long as you find something to keep yourself busy with you are going to enjoy it. The leg space in the coach class is amazing and one can sleep comfortably through the trip. There are one or two stops but they are like 5 minutes long and so they don’t delay the trip at all.


I do like the lighting of the cabins (moderate), the lights were however dimmed after 10 so that those who wanted to catch some sleep could do so. I gotta do that now but overall this has been a great trip. If you haven’t tried taking the train you should try it out.


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Why Human beings would love to be sharks

So, sharks happen to be one of the oldest animals on earth. What i mean by this is that they have not evolved much and have been swimming in the earth,s Oceans and seas before man came into existence. As other animals changed they stayed the same and did not evolve, reason being they were very comfortable in their environment. The only reason organisms evolved and still do is so that they may adapt and be comfortable in their environment.

That being the case, Sharks have always been the largest fish in the sea and never found it difficult getting themselves food. In fact they didn’t face any dangers, all they did was swim and eat. I don’t think any of the small fish had the guts to attack them because they would not stand a chance. The only threat that the sharks may have faced would be the strange big kids from the mammal family “The Whales”, but they arrived later on in time.

The question is how does this relate to Human beings? Think about it for a second…. Don’t you think that at times human beings try to be sharks by trying to stay the same? Being from Kenya, I have grown up watching people do the same thing over and over and expecting development to be achieved from the things they do. At first it worked but the environment changed and the tacticts werent working anymore but man insisted he was comfortable with his surroundings and did nothing to improve it.
Look at Egypt, UAE and Japan, these are examples of countries that have developed because of the problems that they have had. Egypt and UAE are in desserts but they have really developed from working with the little resorces they have. Japan have the worst earthquakes because of their geographical locations but they jave made it through and become one of the worlds most technological countries.
In a nutshell human beings should learn that they cannot be sharks and that change is always inevitable as long as it for survival. Sharks can afford not to change because they have everything going their way but man will always have things that he has to improve!

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WINTER: Dull yet Lively

So we are officially in winter. I have realized one thing about it, wintercan be very dull because of the weather but Christmas and New year celebrations bring the joy into the season.
I got to say I do miss the sun and walking in shorts and sandles.Although I feel like the fact that we are stuck indoors most of the time allow us to spend more time with our families. Unless of of course you have cousins like mine who can play video games for 24 hours straight.
Don’t get me wrong I ain’t complaining, it is interesting watching humans being controlled by technology. As a matter of fact I am a victim because the reason I decided to start blogging was so that I can make good use of my smartphone. All I did with it was text, call and check Facebook, Twitter, instagram and laugh a little to Vine videos.
I feel that we should embrace the joy of winter and try to forget the dullness of the weather and the laziness effect that it instills in our bodies. Beside the scientific explanation to hibernation of some animals I guess there is also a social and emotional explanation which is, animals would be so depressed!
Finally I would like to wish you A merry Christmas (to those it applies) and a happy New year!! Oh! And keep warm peeps

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